Drawing – Online Life drawing.


This was an online class that one of our lectures did. With in the lesson I had to draw him stood in different positions, but also had to draw another student. For this I had to try and focus on the placement and size of facial features and also tone.

Drawing The Teacher…..

The first drawings on the page without the faces is my drawing of the teacher. For this I was given 10 – 20 mins to draw each pose. This was really hard to do as my internet was down, so I was on a video call with another student to see the call.

These drawings were quite easy, as I was just drawing clothes not the shapes and forms of the human body. But I am happy with how they came out with the time I was given.

Drawing A Student…..

For this I where given another 10 – 20 mins, so I decided to try and do the whole of the student I could see. I had some times left over so I drew antlers on their head, as they where messing around and putting real antlers on their head. I do feel if I have had more time I would have been able to do a lot better. Next time I would concentrate on making it look more realist and more like them but I was worried about the time. I was also using charcoal and I find it so hard to draw with this material.

The second drawing I prefer because I really think the top looks good. I do think that I could make the face look a lot better and realistic.

Drawing David…..

I was then given another task to draw David due to my internet I could not see very well but also the call cut off, so I didn’t get to do much at all. This is what I did mange to do in the call. There was two tasks to draw David in two different potions.

(The photo of David is one I got online so its not the same as what I was drawing).

This is what the statue looked like. but it is not the same one or the same lighting and position.

This is all I manged to get done. due to the internet being down, I am happy with the bits I have done and I like the layout I was heading for. I also am tempted the try and finish it but might leave it till I have my own spare time to do it.

Links To The Reference Photo…..


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